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By Sadiq Toma.

Sadiq Toma

Wednesday 5th December 2018-Tuesday 5th February 2019

 Private View – Tuesday 4th December 2018 6pm – 9pm

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The Ancients


My career began with an entrechat huit.
Now I’m proud if I can touch my feet,
Meanwhile schoolfriend Jim
Who was once a neuro-physicist

Is gracile in each limb, a contortionist
Who can do a U-turn through a toilet-seat,
Wriggle through a gutless racquet.
Now I call that neat.

Gwendy lifts a record weight
At sixty-five, while battling to stay alive.
Hugo’s kidney does him proud.
And as he reads his poems aloud

We sense we are the avant-garde
Still writing well, still training hard.

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Great reading coming up on October 11


POETRY At The Room

Thursday 11 October 2018 – at 7.30 at The Room, 33 Holcombe Road, Tottenham Hale, London N17 9AS

7.30 pm. Special GREY SUIT launch addition – for Dialysis Days by Hugo Williams, a new chap-book by Grey Suit Editions.

free with refreshments

Featuring Hugo Williams, supported by Kerry-Lee Powell, Alan Jenkins and Glyn Maxwell – hosted by Anthony Howell.

Hugo Williams with Anthony Howell – photo by David Larcher

Hugo Williams’s poems engage themes of personal memory, childhood, and sexuality with a plainspoken yet wry voice. In an interview with The Guardian, Williams discussed the autobiographical element of his work, stating, “You really can’t start if you’re not going to be completely honest. You have to use everything you know.… [Y]ou do sometimes enter into a sort of doublethink: ‘They won’t like it, but they might like it more if it’s well done.’”

Williams is the…

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The Magnitsky Act – Behind the Scenes

Vimeo is the only way to watch The Magnitsky Act


Most Europeans don’t know what the Magnitsky Act is. Most Americans believe Obama was right to impose sanctions on Russia based on it. Turns out Obama was manipulated by a crook named Browder – an oligarch of US origin – and aided and abetted by John McCain et al. Turns out, the story of the theft of millions by Russian police and authorities, and the murder in prison of a “lawyer” working for Browder, is a fake. This was discovered by the Russian dissident film-maker, making a film about the case with Browder! This Act is the origin of all efforts to return to the cold war. And this is why it is important that all Americans should watch it. Might be good if a few Brits did too. Meanwhile Browder has had the movie blocked on all social media channels and public outlets, so this is the only way to get to see it, for now. Browder will find a means to block it soon, you bet your life.

It’s £7.60 to watch on Vimeo, on the link you can see the trailer for free, but I thoroughly recommend watching the film, as an exemplary piece of documentary film-making as well as for the dynamite of its content.

Also, listen to the interview with Alex Krainer at 35 mins on the broadcast – scroll down to find it. The book has of course been pulled from Amazon and other sites. Here is the link to the book.

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We Live in a Nuthouse


Brilliant piece in Hyperallergic.  Click here for this Studs Terkel/Zero Mostel interview posted by Karen Schiff.

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So how would you translate “Dommage”?

The town is closed, remorselessly.

Only the tourists arrive. Erroneously migrating birds

Landing on a mirage,

They go to roost among gargoyles

Because the quays refuse

To open up their mouldering lids

For these illiterate hordes.


And yet there is a poetry to closure.

The flaneur goes on the scavenge for

Retreating paradigms of being away while summer’s here:

The dried leaves that loiter by the roots

Of planes inured to eczema,

The nuclear family groups

Hinting at abusive subterfuges

Festering back in mid-Western suburbia.


Aren’t the daughter’s hot-pants far

Too brief for her to sit like that on her father?

Aren’t the son’s blond ringlets too profuse,

Pre-Raphaelite? How distant is the mother.

Each idler eyes what these themselves disguise.

They constitute the sights

Now, while the town is dead, removed, away,

All its shops on holiday.


Diamond anniversaries go by,

Hand in withered hand, on their way

To Burger King, out-burghering Rodin.

Still, Parisian sphinxes spout

To gush out the lie that the town is alive

Or just about to wake up.

Their liquid rhapsody

Appears so granitely absurd.


Anciently in Vogue,

Audrey Hepburn gets the final word.

“Make-up can only

Make you look pretty on the outside,

But it won’t help

If you’re ugly on the inside,

Unless you swallow the make-up.”


Paris, August, 2018

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Lord, preserve the hem

Above the knee.

Who’ll ignore their backs?

All backs perhaps


That won’t look back

At us. Anonymous,

Reminding us

Youth power easily


Subdues strength, defeats

The will, not only

With its merest glance;

Just by the sight


Of an upright pair

Of knees de derrière

Articulating dance.

Strong forces, firm


Arches holding up

The bows for all to see.

Tendons arouse

Such tenderness in me.


Paris, Summer 2018

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