A DIATRIBE – has been published here

The Spectator has taken The Early Mists of September from Alain-Fournier’s Poemswhich I translated with Anthony Costello and Anita Marsh – published by Carcanet (2017)

And it was great to see an extract from one of my three “Songs of Realisation” on Tottenham Trees. The three songs have the titles: Epping, Chauvet and Hubble. They concern being on the ground, below the ground and being above the ground – they are unpublished. Click the link: Epping

There is also a new poem now on Blue of Noon

My short essay on Alain-Fournier is among several contributions to the Journal of Poetics Research

This link includes other links to the new poems I have written exploring the Statheron and the Palimpsest while another link is to my verses exploring the mixed meter form of the madrigal can be found at this link and my essay on Australian poets:

More about the madrigal and its history can be found at A PAEAN TO THE PIONEER OF THE MADRIGAL.

And also two poems and some translations can be found at the link to this new magazine:

The High Window

My thanks to all these supportive sites: Blue of Noon, Journal of Poetics Research, The Fortnightly Review and The High Window, and also to offline publications, The Spectator and Poetry Salzburg Review who have also recently taken poems.

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