No Selection for Old Farts



To The Poetry Review:

Dear Sarah and Maurice

Your last communication brings the number of my poems that have been rejected for publication by your review to twenty-six. This is since 2014.


The Castaway


The Glider

Birth of the Dance

Lord of Storms

Silent Highway

The Frustrated Poltergeist

Dear Cashmere

Partnerless Dancer

Flesh and Blood




From Inside


Out of Touch

Not Chaos

The Gorgon





Beyond Unreasonable Doubt

How I am


Angry Anthill


It appears that you feel that my writing is inappropriate, which is sad, since I first published in The Poetry Review when I was twenty-two and Derek Parker was its editor. I also had a long poem accepted when Eric Mottram was the editor. I acknowledge that, appended to your rejections, there are invariably kind words about how much you enjoyed reading what I sent you. Perhaps you feel that my work will discomfort your readers, who are less sophisticated than you are when it comes the cutting edge. But what an indictment that would be of your subscribers. Anyway, I am sure you feel, as I do, that enough is enough. I will not call upon you to again go to the effort of mustering the blandishments that accompany your rejections.





Anthony Howell

About anthonyhowelljournal

Poet, essayist, dancer, performance artist....
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