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Anthony Howell is a poet and novelist whose first collection of poems, Inside the Castle was brought out in 1969.  In 1986 his novel In the Company of Others was published by Marion Boyars.  Another novel Oblivion has recently been published by Grey Suit editions.  His Selected Poems came out from Anvil, and his Analysis of Performance Art is published by Routledge.  His poems have appeared in The New Statesman, The Spectator and The Times Literary Supplement.  His articles on visual art, dance, performance and poetry have appeared in many journals and magazines including Artscribe, Art Monthly, The London Magazine, and Harpers & Queen. He is now published by Carcanet.   In 1997 he was short-listed for a Paul Hamlyn Award for his poetry.  His versions of the Silvae of Statius have been well received and Plague Lands, his versions of the poems of Iraqi poet Fawzi Karim, were a Poetry Book Society Recommendation for 2011.


A former dancer with the Royal Ballet, and now a respected teacher of the tango, Howell was founder and director of The Theatre of Mistakes, which created notable performances worldwide in the seventies and eighties – at venues such as the Paris Biennale, the Sydney Biennale, the Paula Cooper Gallery, the Theater for the New City (NY) and at the Tate and the Haywood.   Play-scripts of these performances are now being published by Grey Suit Editions.  Howell is currently curating The Room, a space for dance, performance, poetry and visual art in Tottenham, London.  He has also danced with Lindi De Angelis.  As Tango Schumann, they performed tango to classical music in art galleries such as Ikon, Birmingham and Modern Art Oxford, and for the Schumann Bicentennial in Zwickau.

Anthony’s website is at:   www.anthonyhowell.org

With Kerry-Lee Powell (Canada) and Pamela Stewart (USA) he started Grey Suit: Poem Stream and Grey Suit: Critique – these are online initiatives, the first streaming international, historical and contemporary poetry, the second collating online articles on poetry.  The operation has now developed a website and a physical manifestation in the form of chap-books and DVDs:  This is at http://greysuiteditions.org/ 

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1968-9: Sergei de Diaghileff – long poem – Turret Books.

1969: Inside the Castle – poems – Barrie & Rockliff, The Cresset Press.

1970: Imruil – free translation from pre-Islamic Arabic – Barrie & Rockliff .

1971: Edited Erotic Lyrics – anthology – for Studio Vista, London.

1972: Femina Deserta – poem – Softly Loudly Books, London.

1975: Oslo: a Tantric Ode – book-length poem – Calder & Boyars, London.

Elements of Performance Art – textbook for performance artists – co-                                     authored with Fiona Templeton, Ting Books, London.

1976: The Mekon – poem – The Many Press, London.

1983: Notions of a Mirror – poems – Anvil Press Poetry, London.

1984: Winter’s not Gone – poems – The Many Press, London.

1986: Why I may never see the Walls of China – poems – Anvil Press Poetry,                         London.

In the Company of Others – novel – Marion Boyars, London.

1990: Howell’s Law – poems – Anvil Press Poetry,  London.

1992:Edited and wrote introduction to Near Calvary – Selected Poems of                                         Nicholas Lafitte  –  The Many Press, London.

1995:First Time in Japan – poems – Anvil Press Poetry, London.

1999:The Analysis of Performance Art – Harwood Academic                                                      Publishers (Routledge) London (Re-issued 2017)

Sonnets – Grey Suit, London.

2000: Serbian Sturgeon: Journal of a visit to Belgrade – Harwood Academic                         Publishers (Routledge), London.

Selected Poems, Anvil, London.

Spending: Poems, Menard, London.

2003 Dancers in Daylight – Poems 1995-2002 – Anvil Press , London, 2003  

2006: Homage to Morandi – play script – text by A.H.- The Theatre of Mistakes                 (1980) – Grey Suit Editions, London (re-issued 2017)

Oblivion – novel – Grey Suit Editions, London

Statius: Silvae – Translations and Versions from the Latin -with Bill  Shepherd- Anvil Press Poetry.

Going play script – text by A.H. and Fiona Templeton – The Theatre of Mistakes (1976) – Grey Suit Editions, London (re-issued 2017)

2009: The Ogre’s Wife – poems – Anvil, London

2011: Plague Lands and other poems by Fawzi Karim: versions by AH –                             Carcanet Manchester  – Poetry Book Society choice for Translation, 2011

2014: The Empty Quarter – versions by AH of new poems by Fawzi Karim – GreySuit Editions, London.

2014:  Silent Highway – poems – Anvil, London

2017 The Poems of Alain-Fournier – translated (with Anthony Costello and Anita Marsh) Carcanet, Manchester

2017 From Inside – poems – The High Window Press – Grimsby



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  1. anna mosca says:

    Fawzi Karim…? We have a common friend in Milan Italy, Khaled Solimar Al Nassiry! Thank you for liking my work and for the follow Anthony.

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  2. SheryL♥ says:

    HI, Mr. Howell! Thanks a lot for the follow! You’re awesome!


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