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Roeg Elements: innovation and risk

Nicolas Roeg, by Michael Clark, National Portrait Gallery   Very pleased that my new piece for Nicolas Roeg on his 90th Birthday is here – “Roeg Elements” Published by the Fortnightly Review. Celebrating younger poets – including Emma Hammond, Natacha … Continue reading

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Appendices to The Step is the Foot. Appendix 1 The Pendulum Plot of Philoctetes by Sophocles Appendix 2 Outback Research Trip Appendix 3: TRANSLATION: A QUERY Appendix 4: Developing the madrigal Appendix 5: Asprezza Appendix 6: Koans for the Waterfall Appendix … Continue reading

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Anthony Howell and his Disenchanted Sow

Anthony Howell and his Disenchanted Sow   They do say never wrestle with a pig, you both get filthy. So, instead, strip naked on a busy Belfast street, assume the crouch of a submissive mate – porcine-cubic, promising – to … Continue reading

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Penda’s Fen

  Just watched David Rudkin/Alan Clarke’s film Penda’s Fen. Bizarre, terrifying masterpiece. Thankyou Caroline Ffrench Blake for lending me the DVD.   Set in the Cotswold Hills.

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In Defence of Obscenity

Interesting post here In Defense of Obscenity

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Shame and Shamelessness

My lecture on Freud, Gide and Immoralism  now published by the Fortnightly Review. First given at the 2018 Conference on Poetry and Psychoanalysis.  Thanks to Catherine Humble, Susy Lansman and Kathryn Maris for organising this brilliant event.

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Runaway Handicap

RUNAWAY HANDICAP   Considering a runaway selection, If poetry can generate affection A plumage fit for paradise entitles Me to a mate enamoured of requitals.   My handicap’s an eloquence provoking Offended editorial fits of choking. It so incites the … Continue reading

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