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We Live in a Nuthouse

  Brilliant piece in Hyperallergic.  Click here for this Studs Terkel/Zero Mostel interview posted by Karen Schiff.

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  Click the link for THE NEW BEAUTY This is a new essay published by The Fortnightly Review.   For a complete list of links to other reviews of poets and my previous articles click here: The Fortnightly  

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FIVE FIGURE EXERCISE – Lucinda Childs, Philip Glass, Sol LeWitt, Stuart Sherman and Robert Wilson (1979)

FIVE FIGURE EXERCISE – Harpers & Queen, May 1979 I reckon this is a historic document, so re-publish it here. On a still undefined boundary of modern art painter Sol LeWitt, dancer Lucinda Childs and composer Philip Glass are working … Continue reading

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THE DEHUMANIZATION OF ART (1925) Jose Ortega y Gasset

This essay has been a major influence on my work and my thought.  I read it in my twenties, and still value it greatly.  Ortega has always been appreciated by US intellectuals, but is hardly ever cited by writers on art and … Continue reading

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Grotesque: Ancient and Modern

Originally posted on anthonyhowelljournal:
“In the famous Kerch terracotta collection we find figurines of senile pregnant hags. Moreover, the old hags are laughing. This is a typical and very strongly expressed grotesque.  It is ambivalent.  It is pregnant death, a…

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Testosterone and Art

A very interesting article published on her blog by Nathalia J Calderon. It’s about testosterone levels and art – not sure I quite agree about the conclusion!  

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  There was an old man who said, ‘Hush! I perceive a young bird in this bush! When they said – ‘Is it small?’ He replied – ‘Not at all! It is four times as big as the bush!’   … Continue reading

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