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Anthony Howell and his Disenchanted Sow

Anthony Howell and his Disenchanted Sow   They do say never wrestle with a pig, you both get filthy. So, instead, strip naked on a busy Belfast street, assume the crouch of a submissive mate – porcine-cubic, promising – to … Continue reading

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Here are some lovely images from our workshops at Raven Row – Summer 2017. And here is a link to the Blog of The Theatre of Mistakes This blog carries a lot of material about the 1970s company that pioneered … Continue reading

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Anthony Howell talks about The Theatre of Mistakes and later performance art works.

I have just discovered that this talk I gave at Modern Art Oxford, way back, has found its way onto Youtube. However, please click this link for The film of Homage to the Horses  as the film is shown with … Continue reading

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Stewart Lee: “The most controversial thing you can do is be sincere in a world of irony.”

So pleased to be mentioned here!  Stewart has been enthusiastic before and it is wonderful that he continues to be so encouraging.  Please click on the link below for an article by him that mentions my work. Stewart Lee His original … Continue reading

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